» » Boians.com download site abandoned and changed manual email sending operations.

Boians.com download site abandoned and changed manual email sending operations.

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Image: Boians.com ⓒ Cho Joo Young


Hello I’m Boians Cho Joo Young.
Boians.com download site abandon, 1 day (24 hours) change my manual email sending operating policy.

Boians own content sales project, which started in August 2015, has failed to be a result of the outcome. I will start again from the beginning.

I have been using computers since MS-DOS in the 1990s to be confident in security and operations, but in the last 22 months, I have not been able to protect my site from the hacking attempts that are still continuing today.

In the case of download sites, it was diagnosed by security experts that it was impossible to keep the site secure from hacking.

I currently use three computers, and I do not have an Internet connection for my work computer.

The fundamental problem with hacking sites on Boians is that they have download content on the server. To avoid security and hacking risks, we will change the Boians operating system itself with my shipments one day (24 hours) after purchase.

1. Boians.com is All Content a Copyright Rental.
2. Boians is possible to pay with a standard license, extended license two options.
3. Boians Standard License is a non-commercially available rental product.
4. Boians Extended License is a commercially available rental product.
5. Boians content is only available to buyers. We can not transfer that right to a third party.
6. Boians content is guaranteed to be shipped to purchaser email within 1 day (24 hours) of purchase.
7. Boians Content is protected by the WTO TRIPs agreement.
8. Boians Content is Berne Convention Copyright is protected in 167 countries.
9. Boians Content is copyright protected by WIPO Paris Convention for Protection of Industrial Property.
10. Unauthorized use of Boians content may be penalized by violation of copyright law.