Boians 3D Scooter motorbikes Icon. SKU: B3DI000235

보이안스 3D 스쿠터 모터바이크 아이콘 세트.
Boians 3D Scooter motorbikes Icon.

Image Size: 2500×2200 Pixel, 300 Dpi

1. Format: PNG Image, RGB Color, 300 Dpi.
2. Delivery: Send to customer email.
3. Delivery time: Within 1 day of your email.
4. Payment: PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer.
5. License: Extended License (Commercial)
6. Receiving Account: USD, EUR, GBP, KRW, JPY
7. Author: 보이안스 조주영, Boians Cho Joo Young.
8. Format: JPG, BMP, GIF can be changed.

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