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Boians Cho Joo Young Custom Order Character (custom-made)


1. Work method: freelance, home, online consultation
2. Draft Plan: 2 EA
3. Modify a design: 2 EA
4. Make: Character and Mascot
5. Time: 7 days (after consultation)
6. Amount:  USD $ 300
7. Payment: PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer.
8. Delivery: Design after production, Your e-mail.

[Boians Cho Joo Young Live Consultation]
Kakao Talk: https://pf.kakao.com/_wxkNxnl
Naver Talk: https://talk.naver.com/ct/wcbj1l
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/play0141


Hello, I am designer Boians Cho Joo Young.
I have been steadily making designs for companies, government offices and customers for 20 years. We will design customized production of boians.com site.


[How to make your order Required]

: I would appreciate you to answer the following questions to make your character design to your need. Please send us your answer to 7 questions in real time consultation or email: play0141@boians.com and we will make the design according to your needs after confirming payment.

1) Please describe the character or reference site address that you can refer to when making your character?

2) If you have a favorite character style, please describe it in detail.

3) What are the major customers and age groups?

4) Do you have any ideas for the character to be produced?

5) Do you have a competitor or brand you think?

6) Where will the characters being produced be used?

7) Please select the type of character you want to make?


[Precautions when ordering]

1. Draft Plan and Modify a design 2 EA(Cut)

2. The design is based on freelance, home and online consultation.

3. After sending the design, cancellation of purchase without consultation is not possible.

4. We ask for specific and objective requests for Draft Plan requests.


[Term Description]

1.  Draft Plan
: Design term refers to a design draft that is made arbitrarily in the course of design production, such as rough sketching, drawing, coloring, and layout.

2. Modify a design
This is the process of fixing the design and completing the design from the Draft Plan work.

3. Format transformation
: Because it may cause compatibility problems such as program maker and version used in design work it is necessary to adjust according to the program used in user’s PC and this process is called format conversion .


[Amendment and Cancellation Refund Policy]

1. After the mutual consultation between the designer and the client, the application can be withdrawn.

2. If you have not started designing due to the designer’s reasons or if you have seriously misjudged from the universal point of view, you can get a full refund.

3. All changes and modifications will be made on the basis of Kakao Talk, Naver Talk, Facebook, and Email documented agreements.

4. This product is a pre-payment for the design cost and can not be canceled or refunded after the first shipment. This is a designer’s labor cost.

5. Difference in color of printing: There is a difference in color depending on the type of monitor, and there may be an error in the color representation of each machine and printing method.

6. When you purchase this product, it is regarded as perception of the product, and after shipment, you agree to the contents of the product page.