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Standard License and Extended License

Boians.com Standard License and Extended License

1. Standard License

: Boians.com Standard License is a non-commercially available rental product.

: Available only for web production. The dosage range is as follows.

① Website production, banner production, etc. Available as web design.
② Available for presentation purposes.
③ Internet, multimedia, and electronic publishing.

: Available only for print production. The dosage range is as follows.

① Personal prints such as greeting cards, Christmas cards, etc.
② Free distribution: brochures, catalog, leaflet, DM, flyer premiums, POP banner, calendar, poster
③ Exhibition: Display, Sign Map, Pictograph
④ Facility (public, non-public): sign, map, pictograph
⑤ Newspaper: Advertising
⑥ Book · Mook: Advertising
⑦ Magazine: Advertising
⑧ Advertising Newspaper: Advertising


2. Extended License

:  Boians.com Extended License is a commercially available rental product.  

It is a license available to manufacture, sell, distribute and promote in-kind products. Extended licenses are priced at 10 times the current sales price of standard licenses.


(Paid products and sales)

1) Products / Sales: Calendar, advertising posters, postcards, mug cups, etc.

2) Stationery: stationery, notebook, lapping, seal, notebook, sharp pen, stamp, paper bag, key holder, badge etc.

3) Various packaged goods: boxes, wrapping paper, shopping bags, etc.

4) Textiles: Fabrics such as T-shirts, curtains, etc.

5) Electronic products: idle screen and connection screen of mobile phone, PDA, monitor, ticket machine, karaoke system, etc.

6) Computer desktop wallpapers, etc.

7) Various financial cards: credit cards, mileage cards, point cards, credit cards, etc.

8) Promotional bookstore, promotional fan, promotional sticker, etc.

9) Yellow page maker, free handbill.

10) Vehicle advertisements, newspaper advertisements, magazine advertisements, and other advertising media.

11) Publications: Books (magazines, books, novels, etc.), reference books and tutorials

12) An image symbolizing a product or service of a specific company, ie, used as a visual identity

13) My homepage, blog, cafe, electronic catalog, bulletin board and paid homepage (skin) etc.

(Service, exhibition license, other use)

1) Exhibit License: When the original contents are displayed on the website and web catalog and then promoted or sold. (Including the case of making the order after the display of the product produced using the content source)

2) Simultaneous use licenses: Licenses concurrently used by headquarters and branches nationwide, large corporations

3) Broadcasting and Multimedia: It is used for the screen of national broadcasting, local broadcasting, home shopping, cable, online broadcasting and CF.